Multiplication Forum

Multiplication Forum

The Multiplication Forum is a totally unofficial movement – small groups of Christian leaders who help one another in spiritual multiplication by a long-term interaction and each of them helps next people – to instill spiritual multiplication as the most important thing to the edge of the world.

For us this is an opportunity to share what God makes here, among us, in Bielsko-Biała, in Silesia and in Lesser Poland, and not to keep this for ourselves.

Multiplication Forum On-line

If meetings in real-life are not possible often enough, an on-line support is at your disposal.

If the group host develops something regarding building disciples and things this may be helpful for others, he shares it by e-mail and is ready to talk about it, for example, on Skype.

If a participant leads another group as part of the Multiplication Forum, he can share what he received with other members of the group he leads so they can pass it on.