Centers Multiplication Fund

Centers Multiplication Fund

We build splendid church center in Bielsko-Biała.

We hope to build next centers for another two locations of our church – Katowice and Cracow, two biggest cities of our region.

We hope to establish similar centers in few another cities.

It would not be possible without borrowing, despite the great devotion of our church members and others to the offering.

So we’ve set up Centers Multiplication Fund.

The idea is that any donation marked with the words Center Multiplication Fund and every donation  from outside our country we will treat as a loan which we will commit ourselves to give back, repay, to one of three goals indicated by the donor:

(1) For the next location (campus) in another city established by our church. That location will commit itself to do the same, etc (most preferable).

(2) For another church centre or any evangelical mission pointed by the donor.

(3) To give back to the donor (lender).


The Idea of Center Multiplication Fund fills an important gap. the Whole world functions in such way that if something is developmental, one invests in that to multiply the potential. But for the most important cause – the Gospel – there is nothing like that, at least nothing accessible for us. We think it is worthy to fill this gap.

So we pray for people, whose hearts are stirred by God to see a momentous matter in that. This special encouragement  must  include the fact, that means donated for the Fund will not fall once for all into the hole of needs, but go to make the capital working on and on for God’s Kingdom.

Now there is an urgent need!


Account name: Kosciol Baptystow w Bielsku-Bialej

Bank: ING Bank Slaski


Account number: 06 1050 1070 1000 0090 3057 3225

IBAN: PL 06 1050 1070 1000 0090 3057 3225

Communities that supported us


We are very thankful to God for Baptist and other communities that supported us in constructing our church center. May God give you all the best.

Communities that granted us loans or donated based on the principles of Centers Multiplication Fund:

  • First Baptist Church in Warsaw
  • First Baptist Church in Gdańsk
  • Second Baptist Church in Gdańsk
  • Baptist Church in Malbork
  • First Baptist Church in Cracow
  • Baptist Church in Rzeszów
  • Baptist Church in Bochnia
  • First Polish Baptist Church in New York
  • Baptist Church in Łodź

Baptist and other communities that supported us by donation:

  • Baptist Church in Rzeszów
  • First Baptist Church in Wrocław
  • Baptist Church in Elbląg
  • Baptist Church in Giżycko
  • First Baptist Church in Katowice
  • Church of God in Christ “Jeruzalem” in Kuźnia Raciborska
  • Baptist Church in Tarnów
  • Christian Fellowship „Puławska” in Warsaw
  • Baptist Church in Malbork
  • Baptist Church in Kielce
  • Baptist Church in Zelów
  • Baptist Church in Orzesze
  • Second Baptist Church in Gdańsk
  • Baptist Church in Olsztyn
  • Second Baptist Church in Cracow
  • Baptist Church „Wspólnota Radość” in Warsaw
  • Baptist Church in Gniezno
  • Baptist Church in Chrzanów
  • Baptist Church in Narew
  • Baptist Church in Ostróda

We also want to thank many individual donors and persons who support us by lending us loans. May the grace of God surprise you all the time!