01+ & Friends Reportages

01+ & Friends Reportages are created for the 01+ & Friends Ministry, so for people, who are involved financially or consider such involvement and would like to know what can be done, what are current challenges and actions.

01+ & Friends Reportages

On-line Forum

It’s that simple, wherever you are on Sunday at 5:20 PM or whenever you are, you open a laptop, and just like around John the Baptist, a crowd can gather around you.

Later Forum in smaller circles, inspiring quotes that you will find at Forum – Circles. You can also receive them by e-mail.

On-line lecture

Lectures – the Archive

Forum – Circles

Leading smaller circles

If you lead one of the forum circles, make expectations and dreams of participants the starting point to do something significant, according to the calling. First two questions of the forum path will help you with this:

(1) Each of us is sensitive to something a little bit different and would do a lot to change it. What touches you? (2) What are you going to do to change it?

Four rules of Christ – Creative Expression


How to express and convey the four cardinal rules of Christ? There is an infinite number of creative ways.

Four Rules – Creative Expression