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Coronavirus – Target Solution  Apr 25 2020

We’d love to have final solution, right? Regarding coronavirus. There are some insights and conclusions in providential aspect here. If you follow this lead, maybe you will win the Noblel Prize? Oh, this field is probably not awarded yet…

Coronavirus – Target Solution

Coronavirus – identity in the hour of trial  Apr 8 2020

Identity, the answer to the question “who am I” is a topic particularly relevant today, in the age of pandemic. And since we have Easter, let’s see how Jesus Christ dealt with the topic of identity in the harshest circumstances of the last hours before the execution. It’s Friday morning – the day he was crucified …

Coronavirus – identity in the hour of trial

Stay ahead of the coronavirus  Apr 1 2020

“A thousand may fall at your side … but it shall not approach you.” Where do these words come from? Of All-time Bestseller, showing a way of thinking that can be called evangelical, e-mind – simply the mind of Christ. Is there a solution to our problems, including the current one?

Stay ahead of the coronavirus

Coronavirus • Hope  Mar 24 2020

Coronavirus. What is an effective way? Regardless of scientific research in laboratories and sanitary and social ways, there is still an aspect …

Coronavirus • Hope

Coronavirus of Fear

Coronavirus is a pandemic of fear. Why? What is the effective way to overcome? About these very current anxieties and questions wandering in our thoughts in the article. 

Coronavirus of Fear