CECC Space

Welcome to the CECC Space. We can only experience a given moment once, so preferably … looking for the essence of things.

That is why we create CECC Space – out of friendship, enthusiasm, faith, glass, clinker, boundless dreams, puzzlement, important words – without fear of reaching through the center of the world to its ends.

Here are a few stops where you can get on…

Faithfulness and Infidelity  

Following the footbridge of Father Bernatka, connecting Kraków’s Kazimierz with Podgórze, we wonder if the bridge will withstand the weight of this longing for the durability of the bonds. In marriage, friendship, business …

Weddings, contracts, hanging padlocks and strong resolutions – is this an effective remedy for infidelity?

We can read about it in the article FAITHFULESS AND INFIDELITY in the ARTICLES section. Let’s sit down somewhere on the bench and let’s read.

Faithfulness and Infidelity

Below this point, everything is being rebuilt. Come back later to learn the new version.


You are walking one of the most beautiful public spakces on Earth, which is High Line Park in New York City. What’s up! It’s just a matter of imagination.

You enjoy the magical view of the Empire State in the distance (of course, in the imagination).

But the further you go, the more new buildings. The adjacent plots are a huge construction site.

And soon the beautiful walking path turns into a corridor, where the sunlight gets less and less. High Line drop on value?

But there are even more serious impairment that we can fear in life. About ways to stop impairment in my lecture from Christian Education and Culture Center. In Polish. Sit on the bench above (it may be in your imagination) and Watch


Graves and memorials…

…are one of the essential elements of public space, right in the middle of a busy world, providing an improved perspective.

About how our thoughts can soar into eternity in such places…

…is the lecture from the Christian Education and Culture Center in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. In Polish. If the bench is empty … Watch


Here is one of the sayings functioning in our public space, overgrown with a few stereotypes.

Why did a poor widow do what she did? And what does this have to do with us?

About unusual ways to get out of the sense of monotony due to constantly repetitive matters and enter new paths.

The presentation may seem too long for our time…

…but it can be a good way to travel J Train from Queens to Broad Street…

…or Sunday walk. It allows us to break away from Formula 1 and shift to the desert hermit gear.

From Christian Education and Culture Center in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, In Polish, For Poles:  Watch


Public space is a common space thanks to recognizable elements.

Here are the elements that everyone or almost everyone in New York City recognizes.

Similarly, part of the public space are sayings that we all know but not everyone knows what is behind them…

…such as “faith moves mountains”, “seek and you will find”, “unfaithful Thomas”, “turn the other cheek”, “the last will be the first”, ” let him throw the stone first “and many others. They all come from the Gospels. We can call them “Stories Known Unknown”.

Their original meaning can bring inspirational content to our everyday lives and turn out to be a good signpost.

For example, such “faith moves mountains.” What is behind this saying? Why would anyone want the mountain to be moved?

Let’s choose one of these sayings and live the adventure of discovery. Let’s go to The Stories Known Unknown. If someone would prefer to explore not alone, in a group … if there is desire, there will be a possibility. Ask for Forum Circles in CECC.

December 22, 2019

What material should be used to create public space?

Stone, concrete, green, glass …

But let’s reverse the question: without what material is this unique public place like High Line would not have its character?

It is … an old clinker. It arouses particular nostalgia. Attracts.

Therefore, imagining the public space in CECC that is still waiting for design, the first sketch of using clinker in the form of such a lantern was created. It not only illuminates but is itself an object on which this light shines. Just a clinker surface.

Or maybe you will notice something unique in the public space of your environment and share it for the general benefit?


December 20, 2019

Inspired by High Line, an extraordinary public space in New York City, I cast a vision over two years ago to the co-creators of our Christian Education and Culture Center in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, to put pieces of tram tracks into the pavement next to the entrance to the main auditorium.

I finally abandoned the idea as being too burdensome for others. What a surprise it was when a volunteer told me a few weeks ago: But we are looking for these tram tracks. They found.

Something important for public space is displayed here. There is nostalgia for something that is symbolized by things like the old tracks. Me too, every time I look at them, a smile appears on my face.

There is something appealing about it, a message, better than words, that we are doing something with passion here.