Mission Community

Mission Community is the widest, completely informal group.

It was created by bringing the gospel to people and building them up to the disciples of Christ. Its purpose is to continue of bringing the gospel and building people.

Mission Community allows one to grow without dealing with the matter of belonging to the church.

More about the Mission Community


The Holy Spirit persuaded many to identify with a part of the church of Jesus Christ, which he called here to exist.

This is our Community of the Church.

It is part of the wider community of the Baptist church. The Holy Spirit gives the conviction to be part of this branch of the Church of Christ and especially serve this branch.

That is why we form …

Baptist Church in Biesko-Biała

The Baptist Church in Bielsko-Biała is a part of the community of the Baptist Church in Poland.

The Baptist Church is a Christian church belonging to the Protestant part. Basic truths of faith: Holy Scripture is the greatest authority in matters of faith; only to God, in the Trinity, religious worship belongs; Jesus Christ is the only Mediator and Savior; salvation is an undeserved gift of God.

The Baptist Church has over 100 million people in the world. Famous Baptists are … (more on the Baptist Church)

What church are we?

Church 9:10

Model taken from Matthew 9:10: “While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s house, many tax collectors and sinners came and ate with him and his disciples.” What were they talking about? Of course, how their life will change when they trust the Words of God and experience forgiveness, liberation, direction…

Model faithfully translated into the modern language, problems of modern human.

Church of the informal relationships at the table. Relationships are the meaning of life. Not feeling better than anyone. The first message: I don’t feel better and more important than you, whoever you are!

Church of disciples

We call ourselves a “disciple” church because building Christ’s disciples in small groups is the only thing we do. Everything else is background.

Therefore, the basic form of our existence is a small group, dozens of groups.

A small group? I leave everything and I fly!

Membership Covenant

God’s desire is for the church community to be the best model for the next, whom the Holy Spirit will bring here.

That is why, although many events can be attended by everyone, in order to become a member of the Community of the Church, the highest requirements of the Membership Covenant must be met. It is a personal commitment to expressing your faith through:

  1. Showing the fruits of conversion and spiritual rebirth (similarity to Christ in nature and in action).
  2. Developing a personal relationship with Christ – by learning God’s Word and prayer. A bond with God is the first priority.
  3. Commitment to meetings of the whole community. A whole heart for one community.
  4. Devotion to a small group. Involvement in the life of your small group.
  5. Readiness to familiarize people with the gospel and build them on the disciples of Christ.
  6. Using spiritual gifts in the community. Devotion to the ministry according to the gifts.
  7. Sacrifice in the offering to fulfill the Great Commission one-tenth of your money with a plus. Why is offering 01+ part of the membership covenant? Because a great vision requires great devotion. But let no one feel compelled.

Baptist Church in Bielsko-Biała

3-go Pułku Strzelców Podhalańskich St. 8; 43-300 Bielsko-Biała

Office: 3-go Pułku Strzelców Podhalańskich St. 8; 43-300 Bielsko-Biała; phone 33 812 26 36

  • Pastor Grzegorz Bednarczyk: gbeb(a)
  • Pastor Dawid Bednarczyk: dawidbednarczyk(a)

Church: ul. Listopadowa 108; 43-300 Bielsko-Biała

How to find us: