The Quality Control Team

The Quality Control Team

Principles of Operation

Maintaining the adequate quality when creating the center is a priority, therefore construction management is de facto a quality assurance.

Since, in order to lower the costs, we choose contractors for rather small modules, such actions require much higher control. Moreover, functions in the Team are performed, with small exceptions, honorably, thus creating a demand for a larger amount of people. Each person contributes accordingly to available time.

Quality Path. If one of the Team members initiates construction actions, he needs to do so in a following path:

(1) report proposal for consultation in the Lead Team that will set conditions of their implementation, including functional and aesthetic requirements (in case of the Pizza man initiative all you need is to present proposition to the Quality Control Team leader); (b) pilot arrangements regarding contractors or volunteer teams and agreements regarding technology of work and planned materials; these arrangements should be a result of the Team meeting; (c) acquire from the Lead Team acceptance of arrangements and contractors, as well as the used technology and materials; (d) ensure that information about technology and materials is handed over to the contractors (company representatives, Logistics, Locomotives) and members of Team controlling the quality.

Below you can see responsibilities and mutual relations in the Quality Control Team that manages the construction.

Leader of the “Creating the Center” Field

  • Leads Quality Control Team. Is responsible for all activities regarding the construction of the center.
  • Initiates further construction actions by companies – according to the Quality Path.
  • Approves agreements with contractors, after consultations with the site manager, supervision inspector and, in regard to the aesthetics, with the leader of the Lead Team.
  • Coordinates control actions on the construction site – divides actions between chosen Team members, including himself.

Leader of the “Functioning of the Center” Field

  • Is responsible for whole of the center’s creation by volunteers.
  • Initiates further construction actions by volunteers – according to the Quality Path.
  • Prepares tools that will allow to assign special volunteer teams (e.g. the list of volunteers, whom to contact).
  • Initiates repair works performed by companies after the construction of a given stage or part of stage is finished – in accordance with the Quality Path.
  • Makes the center available for the contractor companies and volunteers.
  • Is responsible for overseeing contractors and volunteers, so that no one makes any openings and installations without his permission, granted after making sure that they will not damage the existing installation and insulation and will not damage the aesthetics (consults the Lead Team about the aesthetics).
  • Takes part in control action on the construction site, after learning about the adopted technologies – on the request of the Team leader.

Leader of the Service “Estimates, Budget, Materials, Contractors”.

  • Finds propositions of materials and contractors in regard to the construction – in accordance with the Quality Path point (b).
  • Coordinates verification of potential materials and contractors – involves other Team members in careful verification.

Construction coordinator.

  • Is responsible for additional designs and construction of individual elements of the object selected by the Team leader (e.g. aluminum joinery, metal structures, etc.) – in accordance with the Quality Path.
  • Coordinates the supply of materials. Verifies quality of the purchased materials.
  • Is responsible for preparation of acceptance documentation and for monitoring the acceptance, required inspections, warranty repairs, official affairs concerning construction. Takes care of the construction documentation.
  • Takes part in control action at the construction site, after learning about the adopted technologies – on the request of the Team leader.

Site manager.

  • Mandatory liabilities.
  • Takes part in inspections at the construction site as part of a bigger inspection – at the request of the Team leader.

Pizza Man 1, 2

  • Pizza Men are members of the Team responsible for additional controls of the given part of the construction and are designated by the leader of the Lead Team. Their actions cannot replace the control actions performed by other people.
  • Pizza Men take actions on their own initiative or at the request of the leader of the Lead Team.
  • If they believe that there is a need to influence Construction Company or volunteers – they do it in cooperation with the Team leader or with a person from the Team, designated by him.
  • If they intent to do something with help of volunteers, they perform actions in accordance with the Quality Path.
  • They create teams of volunteers according to the Logistics role (equipped in the list of volunteers whom they can call to create special groups.)
  • If they cannot control the works themselves, they ask person responsible for the “Center functioning” for help, this person is also responsible for all the work of volunteers.

Internal Consultants

  • Electrical sector
  • Water and sewage sector, ceramics, general
  • Other