That’s how you could call the place where we meet when you can’t be in real life, with friends, acquaintances, in many ways. A virtual auditorium in which time runs differently and distances do not play a role. We meet at any time, not necessarily bothering about time and place. Frientorium, the virtual dimension of COEK.

What are the ways? Articles, someone wrote something important, someone reads, some interesting series, COEK Space, virtual journey in a few places on Earth, Forum of Ideas, platform for exchanging thoughts, in the form of articles Society & Future and online meetings: Presentation of the Forum Theme and Debate in Circles, then Growroom, i.e. conversations about the way of thinking. Then the opportunity to participate in COEK Projects, a lot is happening virtually. For this opportunity to engage in the Send Christian Community, in a virtual small group.

Below about some of these possibilities.


At the beginning something to read, some interesting series, about Coronavirus, very current, Platform of Dreams, the authors talk about personal dreams to make something significant, The Weakest Link, about the weakest points of our life and how to strengthen them, Lunch Break about ethics in business, finances and all actions and MayDay From The Cocpit, about what is needed to make dreams come true.

What is worth saying about the articles? They show how to turn the dreams and problems of modern man into opportunities thanks to the amazing perspective offered by All-time Bestseller. Some are marked with the e-mind symbol to emphasize that they show the evangelical mind – a way of thinking that can be called the mind of Christ – Someone who has exerted the greatest influence on the world.


Lunch Break

Lunch Break Series

A lunch break is a good moment to think about important matters for a moment. Lunch Break are short articles that allow you to discover something important from All-time Bestseller, The Bible, which can guide, solve the dilemma. A bit about ethics in business, finance and all other activities. And some truth about human nature.

Lunch Break Series

Society & Future

Articles Society & Future

The articles contain ideas relevant to the future of society in the context of the current situation. They were chosen because, according to the hosts of the Forum of Ideas, they can be particularly inspiring or worth the support.

English version coming soon. For now, we invite you to the Polish version and use of the translator.

Platform of Dreams

Platform of Dreams Series

The Dream Platform refers to the deep desire that each of us has to make something meaningful.

Modern man suffers from a lack of hope – depression becomes an epidemic. The platform, providing positive examples, is to help bring out your own dreams.

Platform of Dreams

F • R • I • E • N • D • T • O • R • I • U • M