Forum of Ideas – Inspiring Meetings

Here you can talk about your dreams to make something meaningful and find inspiration to make it happen. Dream examples on the Platform of Dreams.

Forum of Ideas is a series of meetings on Sunday afternoons at COEK live and in Forum of Ideas Clubs with on-line message, as well as in dozens of smaller circles during the week – in Bielsko-Biała, several cities of Silesia, Krakow and other places.

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Forum’s Path

What do you need for dreams to come true? The Forum’s Path is a real “power formula”:

1. Intriguing questions

What do you dream of? • What would you do if you did not do what you do? • Is there a sense of mission in what you do? • Each of us is sensitive to something a little different and would do a lot to change it. What moves you particularly?

2. The key message

God is ready to engage in your life to make your good dreams come true.

3. A universal choice

Wherever you come from and wherever you go, you need to make a universal choice. This choice is described in the Fundamental Plan:

Fundamental Plan

4. Stirring Consultation

With us, or without us, you will probably continue to change the world. And if with us … sit down and let us dream together!

Forum of Ideas – how does it work?

Find the Forum

Sunday afternoon

Live in our center at ul. Listopadowa 108 in Bielsko-Biała.

4:55 PM (UTC +1:00) – Music of the Sky. Deep words in more or less subtle form, depending on who appears on the stage.

5:20 PM (UTC +1:00) – Presentation of the Topic of the Day in the form of a lecture. Live at our center and on-line in many other places.

You can watch the lecture on-line (Polish) or watch one of the archived lectures (Polish).

6:10 PM (UTC +1:00) – Forum – Circles. You can talk about your vision and dilemmas and listen to other, all this while drinking a cup of coffee or tea in smaller circles. There is always a choice of inspirational quotes (Polish).

There is a short break after each point of the program, so you can come just for this particular point.

During the week

Every week there are several dozens of smaller forum circles in different places and time, sometimes as part of other events. After all, ask and you shall receive.

If there is an interest, possibilities will emerge!


Our vision

Each person has several chances in life to uncover and use Christ’s key rules (Fundamental Plan) to change the life.

Or as a motto:

Every third window will lighten to make forum circle happen!

Our Plan


The multiplication of Christ’s disciples and multiplication of forum circles will go far beyond our circle and every person will have a chance…

God’s work in hearts of people will decide about it. So we trust!

The quality of items prepared for the forum will decide about it, as well as the living example of people who lead the forum circles on different levels, from the first steps all the way up to the leadership.


Platform of Dreams

The Dream Platform refers to the deep desire that each of us has to make something meaningful.

Modern man suffers from a lack of hope – depression becomes an epidemic. The platform, providing positive examples, is to help bring out your own dreams.

Platform of Dreams


Christian Education & Culture Center

It exists to enable the creation of projects that make the world a better place.

It exists to make dreams come true.

Christian Education & Culture Center

Forum Cafeteria

Sit down and let us dream together …

Forum Cafeteria