Meet the Forum

Forum of Ideas – Inspiring Meetings

Here you can talk about your dreams, how you want to change the world, you will also find inspiration to make it happen.

Forum Idei 2018 is a series of meetings on Sunday afternoons, both live and on-line, as well as in dozens of smaller circles within the week – in Bielsko-Biała, several Silesian cities, Kraków and other places.

Forum’s Path – 5 Questions

(1) Each of us is sensitive to something a little different and would do a lot to change it. What moves you particularly?

(2) What are you going to do to change it?

(3) What was said on this topic by a person, Who had the greatest impact on the world, and His first followers? Discover four cardinal rules that we need to use for our dreams to come true.

(4) How are you going to personally apply four rules of Christ?

(5) How are you going to instill four rules of Christ to your surrounding? There is an infinite number of creative ways.

What is Forum of Ideas?

It is a crossroad.

You can come here and present how you would like to make your city a better place. You can present, what you are creating, as well as challenges you are facing.

Here you may hear something that will be an inspiration to move forward, and a bounce for the future development. Sometimes one meeting is all that is needed.

Meet the Forum – continued

Find the Forum

Sunday afternoon

In our center at ul. Listopadowa 108 in Bielsko-Biała.

4:55 PM (UTC +1:00) – Music of the Sky. Deep words in more or less subtle form, depending on who appears on the stage.

5:20 PM (UTC +1:00) – Presentation of the Topic of the Day in the form of a lecture. Live at our center and on-line in many other places.

You can watch the lecture on-line or watch one of the archived lectures in the Create the Forum tab.

6:10 PM (UTC +1:00) – Forum – Circles. You can talk about your vision and dilemmas and listen to other, all this while drinking a cup of coffee or tea in smaller circles. There is always a choice of inspirational quotes.

There is a short break after each point of the program, so you can come just for this particular point.

During the week

Every week there are several dozens of smaller forum circles in different places and time, sometimes as part of other events. After all, ask and you shall receive.

If there is an interest, possibilities will emerge!

Concepts Forum Stopped in Frames


Our vision

Our vision

Each person has several chances in life to uncover and use Christ’s key rules to change the life.

Or as a motto:

Every third window will lighten to make forum circle happen!

Our Plan

God’s work in hearts of people will decide about it. So we trust!

The quality of items prepared for the forum will decide about it, as well as the living example of people who lead the forum circles on different levels, from the first steps all the way up to the leadership.

Therefore our mission is to create the best materials for the forum and to pass on the living example. Accurate building people in such way will create bigger and bigger circles and one day every person will have a chance…

Forum Workshop

Here we share our latest works on materials for the forum at different stages, from first steps up to the leadership, all created in several cycles. Materials are checked and polished many times in real-world situations within the circles.

Below highlights of the new topics.


Multiplication Forum

If there is nothing more important for you than to build people based on the model presented by Jesus and you seek relations with similar people for a mutual inspiration, the Multiplication Forum may be just what you are looking for. This is a completely unofficial movement…

Multiplication Forum

Most Important Questions

The best example

If you are a Christian leader and are overwhelmed by the magnitude of challenges, discover how it was done by Someone, who has had the greatest impact on our world, and by His first followers and find an inspiration.

The best pattern

From the Captain’s Bridge

From the Captain’s Bridge

Every 2-3 days we put new inspirations from the God’s Word in a form of a logbook. Course correction straight from above.



Lord, what do we need to be today so that in  10,  20,  30 years…?

November 28, 2017, Gospel of Matthew 3:16-17

„…after being baptizsed, Jesus went up… from the water… and behold, a voice out of the heavens, saying, “This is my beloved Son…”

You have also called me your child, Father! Can I be bigger? I can not do anything to be bigger anymore. So I can calmly take care of my life vocation.

From the Captain’s Bridge


01+ & Friends Reportages

01+ & Friends – new episodes every week or two – these are the reportages created for the 01+ & Friends Ministry, so for people, who are involved financially or consider such involvement.

Jesus spoke in parables, eg about the Prodigal Son. Reportages 01+ & Friends is a contemporary parable of what would happen if Christians in the communities offered their tenths of their assets with a plus.

The creators of reportages say their author is God because they pray every day to guide them and give them wisdom. Have a nice read!

01+ & Friends 2017-11-21 • Ep. 1

The fountain in front of the Exxon Building on Sixth Avenue quietly murmured as a man ran out of the door toward the yellow cab.

He just had to stop the board meeting, urgently called to the Norwegian Sea. Among many of his occupations, Captain G was the safety expert of oil platforms. He was only called in the most extreme cases. If he was on Deepwater Horizon …

He was happy with this turn of events because he would be able to visit his homeland and his beloved community to see the progress in construction.

Insulation of the 2nd stage continues. The company seems to be solid. Peripheral bonding, sills – school trips will learn geometry on them, special sealing between linings and windows…

…pins carefully glued, joints between panels filled with foam, linings glued on a warm adhesive, not the cement one. All of this is important, if someone doesn’t want to lose money for the heating.

Thomas, the engineer, Pizza Man 2, our second quality control circuit, is not sleeping!

Captain G nodded appreciatively. He nostalgically recalled the condition (and figure) that he had when he himself worked in insulation. How easily he jumped on the scaffolding. Disliked by professionals – they said he overstates the level. Now he would love to throw himself to warm up, but you can not do everything. It’s time to grab the helicopter ladder!


And you join the 01+ & Friends Ministry!

01+ & Friends Reportages