Imagine Motivative Sentences

Everything is created twice, first in the imagination. IMAGINE is a selection of sentences that stimulate the imagination and motivate:

IMAGINE Sentences

The selection of citations is not accidental. It is a part of a larger whole, which is the All Time Best Seller, the Bible. The authors of Imagine maintain that there is no better source of inspiration. (Quotations, unless otherwise stated, follow the NASB)

So imagine the future.

See GROWTRACK on how not to stop at imaginations.

By the way, a walk to unique places. See Walk & Think.

And since man lives as he thinks, the course of our life is determined here. The great adventure begins here.

The topics covered in IMAGINE can be the subject of an intriguing exchange of ideas. If you want to experience this – answer one of “imagine, present your imaginations” or similar.

IMAGINE Sentences

About the author:

The author of IMAGINE Sentences is Grzegorz Bednarczyk, involved in Christian teaching in the “Trinum” Christian Community in Bielsko Biała – Katowice – Kraków, he gave about 2000 lectures on the Bestseller of All- time, which is the Bible, exploring the secrets of hermeneutics, examining texts in original languages (even the entire Romans, word by word), trying to translate them into the language of modern man (PhD in communication of concepts at KUL), but primarily because these words have become a personal experience. More articles and lectures at