CECC Ministries

We create the Christian Education and Culture Center as a tool to implement a life-calling that God has for each of us. This translates to dozens of ministries in which people can become involved.

You will find here realms and ministries created by the Lead Team, as well as initials of people who coordinate them and their roles. There are also many other ministries at the lower levels that are not coordinated by the lead team. New descriptions or upgrade: date in green.

Creating the Center

  • The Construction of the Center – Estimates, the Budget, the Materials, the Contractor
  • The Construction of the Center – Coordination
  • Funding Cycles – Preparation
  • Funding Cycles – Info, Multimedia
  • Funding Cycles – Creation of the Memorable Events and Celebrations
  • Relations with Supporters
  • Community Camp
  • Special Project – Pizza Man 1
  • Special Project – Pizza Man 2
  • Special Project – The Construction of the Baptistery

Functioning of the Center

  • Work of Volunteers in a Particular Day
  • Events Management
  • Cafe
  • Orderliness and Security
  • Security Service
  • Technical Environment of the Meetings
  • Professional Cleanliness Maintenance
  • Optimization of Maintenance Costs of the Center
  • Finance Stock

Outdoor Maintenance

  • Trees
  • East Lawns
  • West Lawns
  • Slopes, Bushes, Flowers
  • Fences and Hedges
  • Gravel
  • Paver
  • Snow removal and Gutters
  • Trash Hunting
  • Outdoor Cleaning

Indoor Maintenance

  • Adapting Auditoriums for their Functions
  • Adapting Auditoriums during the Events
  • Lamps and Fixtures
  • Electrical Candles and Tealights
  • The In-Flight Service
  • Aesthetic Damages
  • Equipment Damages
  • Carpets without Stains
  • Ceramics without Spots
  • Glass and Plinths without Spots
  • Fridges and Dishwashers
  • Pre-Cleaning
  • Indoor Cleaning

Multiplication Support

  • FI Bielsko-Biała Discussion Club
  • FI Katowice Discussion Club D.B.
  • FI Kraków Discussion Club
  • Areopagus – Public Presentation Workshop
  • Forum of Ideas Promotion
  • 4R and the Bible Availability.
  • Materials for Meetings.
  • Securing Materials.
  • Music
  • Internet Service
  • Translations.
  • MC
  • Screen
  • Sound
  • TV creation