They help in creating – from a concept, through sketch, finding talents, all the way to the master performance:


Imaginer (IMG) – captures the visions and dreams of many in transferable form.

  • Captures image as goals and sketches.
  • Captures image as services chart – fields and services.
  • Captures image in the form of fields and services descriptions.
  • Conveys ideas to finders and engages them.


Discoverer (DCR) – finds talents and launches them, taking care of everything.

  • Finds and inspires people to participate in a given field.
  • Prepares services descriptions.
  • Finds logistics and engages them.
  • Watches the whole field.


Logistician (LOG) – creates teams and ensures by the goal.

  • Leads a given service as part of a given field.
  • Prepares descriptions of tasks for teams.
  • Creates teams for particular works and chooses locomotives for them.
  • Monitors compliance of the execution with the projects.
  • Ensures that teams achieve the goal.


Locomotive (LMW) – divides tasks and leads team to the goal.

  • Divides actions between diamonds.
  • Initiates actions towards the goal.

Diamond (DMT) – focuses on a masterful execution of the task.