More about Platform

More about the Platform of Dreams

The Platform of Dreams is supposed to be a platform without borders, going far beyond any environmental or geographical framework.

Platform’s creators hope to invite people from different environments and places on Earth. They will invite the next ones, and the next ones. You can wonder how far we will go!

The only condition is the desire to do something meaningful – to make the world even a slightly better place.

Add your desired image of the future to the mosaic.

How to prepare an article for the Platform of Dreams?

If you want to prepare an article for the Platform of Dreams, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Something about yourself: a favorite way of spending time.
  • What sensitivity do you discover in yourself? What are the needs and difficult situations of other people that move you particularly and would you do much to change it?
  • A dream story. What have you dreamed of in the past and what has come true? What do you dream of today to achieve? What would you like to create?
  • Something about yourself: Your reference to the Fundamental Plan, or a bit of a worldview. See Fundamental Plan.
  • How do your dreams refer to what you do now? How much do they fit? If you did not do what you do, what would you do?
  • How do you intend to achieve what you would like to create? What has already been done?
  • Something about yourself: Education, work, curiosities. Maybe some photo, photos?

The article is prepared in the form of an interview based on the above questions and edited as your statement. The developed article will be given to you for authorization and decision whether it will be posted.

An intermediate form is also possible: you will write a few words of answers to the above questions, on this basis the article will be edited and given to you for authorization and decision, whether it will be posted.

Are you not entirely happy with the version you have uploaded? You can constantly improve it.

Why is it worth it?

The creators of the Platform are convinced that putting the dreams here multiples the chances of their implementation, because …

  • Expression of dreams will motivate and raise the spirits of many.
  • Naming your dreams will make it easier to capture the circumstances that will enable them to be implemented.
  • Read by many people, our dreams can gear with their dreams and together …
  • Maybe many people trusting God will put their trust here, and God has promised that he will not leave any prayer unanswered.

So saying that posting your dreams here is half the battle would be a big exaggeration?!